A west facing house is a house with the main door facing west. Just like when designing any other house, you should follow a set of rules and regulations when designing this house. This is to avoid health, financial and legal matters.

Rule and regulations

Entrance: you should place the entrance in the 3rd, 4th, and 6th padas. If the space is small you should place it in the 1st and 2nd padas. You should never locate the entrance in the 7th, 8th and 9th padas.

Plot: many people buy their plots blindly without caring the directions that they are facing, but this shouldn’t be you. The plot you buy should slope from south to north. A plot sloping in that direction considered more auspicious.

You should never buy a plot with an extension in the south or SW direction. You should also avoid a plot that is higher in North than south.

Kitchen: this is the place where you make your meals and placing it the wrong direction may bring about health problems. You should place the kitchen in the SE or NW direction. As rule of thumb you should never locate the kitchen in the SW direction.

Rooms: unless you are constructing a one room house you should be cautious of the direction that the different rooms face. The living room and Pooja rooms should face the NE direction. The kids’ rooms can face west, south or North-west.

When it comes to the bedrooms, the master bedroom should face SW direction. If your house has several floors, you should locate the master bedroom in the highest floor. The guest bedroom should face North-west.

Walls: the walls should be well constructed and strong. For a great look the walls in the south and west should be thicker and higher than those in east and north.

Borehole: it supplies you with the much needed water thus you should located it in an area that is free of pollution. This calls for you to locate the borehole away from sewer lines and dust bins. You can locate it in any direction of your house, but you should never locate it in the SW direction.


These are the rules and regulations that you should follow when designing a west facing house. You should work with an experienced architect who not only understands the rules, he/she should also understand the building codes in the area. This is to protect your house from getting demolished by the local authorities.

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