With leaves already piling up outside, it is time to accept the fact that you have to deal with some chores at home. Even though it is Autumn, the place is going to need spring cleaning, as ironic as it sounds.

It only makes sense to deal with specific chores, as winter approaches fast and you should take advantage of the remaining days of good weather. Deep cleaning your home now can set you off nicely for the cold season. With holidays approaching and likely festivities that you have planned, it only makes sense to pay attention to certain cleaning chores:

Wash all windows – Autumn is the perfect time to deal with the windows. Besides, the season presents more opportunities for window cleaning on a non-sunny day. You know how cleaning on a sunny day is a big mistake, because any liquid will dry off quickly, leaving streaks. You can either use a glass cleaner or make your solution with water and dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle. Wipe down windows from top to bottom. As you deal with this task, you must also vacuum the dust from blinds. Use your vacuum cleaner for this job, but put it on a low setting. Any vinyl shades can be cleaned with a damp microfibre cloth.

Clean dust from walls – the next chore on your list should be dusting the walls. Walls with wood panels and dry paint can be washed and rinsed, while other walls should be dusted dry. Furthermore, you should clean any ceiling-mounted fixtures, like fans and lights. Don’t forget to clean the light switches and any frames you normally keep on the walls.

Carpet clean – if you have been regular at carpet cleaning, your carpeting should be in good shape. Even then, you should still contact professional carpet cleaners. Deep cleaning this area of your home is essential for removing ingrained dust, pollen and other spoils from the carpet. This will instantly refresh the interior of the place.

Upholstery cleaning – while you are at it, you can also have the cleaners refresh your upholstered furniture. With people spending more time indoors during this season, your sofa and seats are bound to see more use. As such, a deep clean of the furniture is required. Don’t forget to spot clean any visible stains.

Do some decluttering – focus your efforts on the attic and closets. With the need to reorganize your clothes and other items around the place, you have to check on storage space and clutter.

Check on the fireplace – if you want to enjoy your fireplace during cold weather, you should make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned. Call a professional to inspect your chimney and wood burning stove flues, as there may be debris accumulated there.

By addressing these home cleaning chores, your home will be ready to face the Autumn/winter challenges.

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