A microwave oven is a device in which food is cooked by the heat produced by the absorption of microwave energy by water molecules in the food. The magnetron creates microwaves that pass through food and agitates the water molecules in it. The agitated water molecules create heat and cook the food.

Many people are unfortunately deterred by what they think might be the microwave oven price, not knowing that the perfect microwave oven may well be within their budget. Most of use a microwave to only heat leftovers, but it can do a lot more than that. Microwave cooking is extremely safe and its quick cooking also preserves the nutrients making it a healthy cooking option for all. Unlike popular thought that says microwave ovens cannot be used to make Indian food, one can make all varieties of Indian food in a microwave from mutton to paneer, even and especially rice. Cake lovers have an added advantage as they can use microwaves to make their favourite cakes without fiddling with temperature settings and can even use a mug for cute mug cakes!

While all of us have heard of messy and dreadful microwave disasters, they can be easily avoided by following a few simple steps, like:

• Microwaves do not pass through metallic substances, leading to sparking and other dangerous accidents so avoid using metal utensils in microwave ovens.

• Use covers to hold in steam so that food is tenderised faster.

• When steaming vegetables with little to no added water use a dish with a tight cover or cling film.

• Take care to use made for microwave lids with a hole in them while heating foods with a lot of liquid to avoid the lid bursting off. If using a cling film, make a gap by rolling back an edge.

• Arrange tougher vegetables on the outer edges of the dish so that they are cooked evenly.

• Space out food to have them cook fast and evenly.

• Round dishes are better.

• The heat generated by a microwave makes the food continue to cook even after being removed from the microwave. So it is best to let food stand for a while before cooking. Some food items like dense or large fruits and vegetables need to stand more.

Follow these tips and you can assured of a mess-free and easy cooking experience with a microwave. Convection, grill and rotisserie are just a few of the other features that you can also have in your oven. Microwave oven price as we discussed, should not be an issues for a wise consumer as they can always research and find the best microwave oven for their needs easily.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to utilise the full potential of your microwave by cooking delicious food from all parts of the globe today! Bon appetit!

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