One of the vacuum models on the market getting plenty of attention is the Gtech Air Ram. Consumers are looking for a product they can trust and that is easy to use. They have found it with this device. It doesn’t disappoint when it comes to overall power or other benefits. This is a necessity in any home so you may as well have one you can rely on!


One of the main differences between the Gtech Air Ram and most other vacuums on the market is this one is cordless. This can make it convenient to get the job done for your home without finding an outlet. Most of the time, you have to change outlets several times over the course of this chore from start to finish.

With it being a cordless model, you can use it to conveniently clean your stairs, the hallways, and each area of your house. You won’t be at the mercy of how far that cord is going to extend from a given outlet. You don’t have to worry about moving a cord out of your way when you vacuum or the time it takes to roll it back up before you put the device away.

Battery Life

The Gtech Air Ram operates on a battery that is simple to recharge. After you use the device, put the charger on the dock and it will take care of the rest. The typical life span of the battery is about 45 minutes. Most people don’t spend anywhere close to that amount of time to get the job done. If you are worried about that amount of charge time though, you can get a second battery.


The suction power offered from the Gtech Air Ram is also a reason consumer’s rave about. It is important to have a vacuum that is able to tackle dirt, debris, and more with ease. Most of what is in your carpets or on your floors you can’t see with the naked yet. Therefore, you need to feel confident the device you use is going to pick it all up as you glide the machine over it.

Easy to Use

The Gtech Air Ram is easy to use because it manoeuvres so well around corners, through paths in your furniture set up, and more. It is also lightweight which you will appreciate if you have to carry it up and down stairs in your home to get the cleaning done. You don’t have to battle with a heavy and bulky vacuum to get it done.

The dirt collection tray is able to hold a great deal of debris picked up from your home. Once you are done, just empty it out and return the tray to the slot. This allows you to see what you picked up and feel good about how clean your floors will now be.


Most consumers are impressed with the price of the Gtech Air Ram. It is priced reasonably and less than many other models out there. Yet it has significant value in terms of suction, each to use, and that cordless feature is enticing. The product also has a great warranty and the company is well-known for offering outstanding customer service.

To help you save money on the product, look for sales, discounted offers, and promo codes. They can help you to reap extra savings. You should also compare shipping offers on this product. Look for low-cost or free shipping options that allow you to buy what you want for the least overall price.

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